Pediatric Advanced Life Support - PALS
PALS is for healthcare professionals who direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies in children.
Audience: Nurses, Hygienists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Physicians etc.

CPR Central PALS courses are taught in a relaxed low pressure format and are maxed at 8 students. We have hundreds of positive reviews on this 1 day, 12 hour combined initial/renewal course, with most reporting it is the most thorough they have taken. Our courses are so thorough that most area hospitals now use us to train their ER and ICU staff. You can rest assured that this course will be accepted at all area medical institutions. Class fits in one day due to a working lunch, shorter breaks, and videos watched before class.

We will fully cover EKG rhythms, medications, and the "why" behind PALS algorithms. Everyone will intubate, insert king airways, OPAs and NPAs, suction, use BVMs, needle decompress, defibrillate, pace, cardiovert, push simulated meds, start EZ-IOs, and of course, perform lots of CPR and lead an arrest.
2 year certification
CPR and First Aid
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Pediatric CPR First Aid
Bloodborne Pathogen
ACLS & PALS combo
Safesitter Babysitting
12 hour initial/renewal
classroom course
7.5 hour online course
1.5hr skills sign-off
Per employee
sent to any
weekly class
at one of our
If student pays
If company pays
Online course
is taken on
AHA''s website
and paid for separately
sign-off with instructor
paid for during sign-up
+ $100 ea
min 4 max 8
at your
location or ours pre-pay required
course with
same day
(optional book)
Follow along
in class
and use on
your test