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How to claim a CE Certificate for ACLS or PALS
Search your email folder for:
"Invitation to claim CE" from
If this email was lost, deleted or misdirected it can not be resent and the opportunity is lost. Once found, click on the link to claim the CE. It must be claimed within 30 days of your class.
Complete the form to the best of your ability. We don't know why AHA chose a paramedic CE for all healthcare providers, but every nurse and doctor nation wide will receive this same CE for their ACLS or PALS. Ignore the paramedic references and input YOUR state RN/MD license number in place of the NREMT number requested. Under "Level of Licensure" select "Other".
Your CE certificate can be printed, emailed, or accessed at anytime on AHA's website. If you have trouble claiming your CE certificate, try submitting a copy of your ACLS or PALS completion certificate to the state and declare 12 hours. Most states will credit hour per hour classroom time from a nationally recognized course such as ACLS or PALS without a CE certificate.
To claim your CE credits follow these directions:
• CE credits are issued through the American Heart Association, not CPR Central. We have no control over this process.
• The AHA has chosen a Paramedic CE for all providers. This CE will work for all occupations including nurses and doctors.
• Within a week of your class a CE invitation be sent to you from AHA. Only one emailed invitation can be sent to a student.
• If you do not claim the CE within 30 days of class or the email is lost or misdirected, the opportunity is lost.
• CPR Central is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or unclaimed CE invitations beyond 30 days of your class.
• CAPCE will request a paramedic license and registry number. Substitute YOUR state RN/MD license number in these fields.
Read very carefully